I like haiku. It's like a micro moment out of a of a moment, a verbal snapshot, a vignette in verse. Hope you enjoy this one


What Does Our Obsession With Selfies Say About Us?

What if the ancient civilizations had had smartphones? Would we see shots of King Tut hamming it up in the royal throne room? Cruising the Nile with his buds on the royal barge? Would museums be full of photos of Hannibal astride his elephant with his boyz as he crossed the Alps? Plato at the forum? King Arthur cheese-ing it up with Lancelot?

Pride in the Way of Joy

I wish I could say that I dealt with this bravely and pushed on, eventually becoming triumphant over my own self conscious thoughts. The truth is that overcoming it was a slow process that was helped along by my supportive family and especially my loving wife. She refused to allow me to wallow in self-pity. She encouraged me, supported me, and lent me the use of her eyes when necessary.

Do Not Go Gentle

For millions of Americans and others all over the world, vision impairment of some kind has lowered the quality of life. Performing everyday tasks such as shopping, cooking, watching television, or just reading a good book (something I cherish), has become a near-impossibility. It'shard to say how many different ways low vision affects us, but… Continue reading Do Not Go Gentle

5 Ways to Beat Low Vision (without breaking the bank)

I know what you're thinking. " This guy is crazy. He's writing a blog for people with a vision impairment. Doesn't he realize they can't read it ?" Well, there's a method to my madness. As to whether or not I'm crazy , the jury's still out on that one. Be patient with me. Get… Continue reading 5 Ways to Beat Low Vision (without breaking the bank)